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Save costs on freight pooling and linear rates

Courier companies often merge bulk items from the same location together and deliver them as a freight pool, therefore, reducing the costs you pay on your individual package. Also, courier booking engines such as Phillipscor Courier Services, charge linear rates on their parcels, so you only pay for what your package weighs and not a standard rate. Security: Your parcel/package will be properly protected, and is exponentially less likely to get lost and damaged between point A and point B—if at all. Couriers usually service a small and familiar customer base, which holds them more accountable for the safety and security of your delivery. Phillipscor Courier Services is your premier delivery, courier, and logistics company, proudly serving several areas in Connecticut, New York and Texas. Regardless of whether or not you are a large business or small local business, our courier services are seamless for you.